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Jezersko is a true paradise for those in love with nature and an active lifestyle. Unspoiled nature of the valley of Jezersko offers endless possibilities for relaxing walks and hikes, biking, and cross-country skiing, tubing and other activities during wintertime. This glacier valley is also a perfect spot for mountain climbers as the valley is surrounded by magnificent mountains of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps that offer numerous climbing routes of all difficulties.

jezero na Jezerskem

Jezersko is beautiful in all the seasons and weather conditions. It is not beautiful only on a sunny summer day, not at all. You can also feel a special vibe on a rainy and sleepy day when you have a feeling that nothing is going on. On those days, when the valley of Jezersko is especially peaceful, you can experience its real energy and relax and recharge. In the valley of Jezersko time slows down. Here you will be able to hear the sound of silence. At 11 p. m. all the street lights shut down and reveal a magnificent night sky. Don’t let your visit on Jezersko be only a superficial experience – if you surrender to this pristine environment, you’ll go home changed: more relaxed and in tune with yourself. After visiting Jezersko, things will never be the same again.

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If you don’t know what to do or which activities to choose while staying on Jezersko, then take a look at our ideas and recommendations:


Because of light pollution, it is really rare to observe the starry sky. But on Jezersko it still is possible. At 11 p.m. all the street lights in the valley shut down and reveal us the magnificent starry sky. Stargazing in warm summer or cold winter nights is a unique experience.

Hike around the Planšarsko jezero Lake

The Planšarsko jezero Lake is a must-visit spot on Jezersko. This adorable lake was made by the local inhabitants in the memory of a larger glacial lake. You can take a walk along a nice circular path around the lake and enjoy magnificent views on the Kamnik-Savinja Alps.

Hike to the Mineral Water Spring and Ank’s Waterfalls

Mineral water spring (also known as ‘Jezerska Slatina’) is located around 10 minutes away from Ank’s homestead. Because of the easier accessibility, in 2013 the mineral water was brought near the main road. Now you can quench your thirst from the beautiful wooden trough. ‘Jezerska Slatina’ contains a lot of magnesium and ammonium compounds. Drinking the mineral water is especially recommended for those with cardiovascular problems. It is also very beneficial for digestion. We recommend up to two decilitres of the mineral water. Ank’s waterfalls are located at the altitude of 1240 metres above sea level. On hot summer days, they offer you the perfect refreshment. If you start your hike at the wooden trough, you’ll need approximately 45 minutes to reach the waterfalls. The path is marked.

Hiking or cycling to the Mlinarjevo sedlo

You start in the centre of the village. Then you go in the direction to Bio Tourist Farm Makek where the asphalt road ends and well-maintained gravel road starts. At the Mlinarjevo sedlo, there’s a viewing point that offers beautiful views on the whole village of Jezersko and Karawanks.

Activities and sights in Jezersko

Little jewels from Jezersko


Centaury is said to purify the blood, to act on the liver and kidneys, to improve digestion, to purify lungs and to ease menstrual problems.

The Mineral Water Spring (also known as ‘Jezerska Slatina’) is located above the Ank’s farm. It contains a lot of magnesium and ammonium compounds. Drinking the mineral water is especially recommended for those with cardiovascular problems. Jezerska Slatina is also very beneficial for digestion. The Mineral Water Spring was mentioned in 17th century by Johann Weikhard von Valvasor (Janez Vajkard Valvasor), a natural historian and polymath from Carniola, present-day Slovenia.

The Valley of Jezersko is known for good air quality that is especially beneficial for those who have problems with eyes. Here also used to be a hospital for eye diseases that attracted a lot of people from near and far (especially from the countries of former Yugoslavia). Unfortunately, the hospital was closed down in 1982.

In the valley of Jezersko, we can find more than 1000 different plant species. 53 species are protected and 20 of them are endemics of this region.