Our story

The story of Cvet gora is written by Tanja, Jure and Živa. Our main inspiration is nature that unfolds us its stories and gives us the answers to all of our questions. Our main mission is to offer you an unforgettable stay. We want you to experience what it feels like to be completely accepted and to show you, how much beauty and natural treasures are hidden in the beautiful environment of Jezersko. Everyone who comes to stay at our place will feel welcome. We’re doing our best to meet all the needs of every single guest. Our greatest prize is a satisfied guest who is returning over and over again. We’re offering various types of accommodation (camping, glamping, rooms, cottage). As we’re deeply connected to nature and respect all of its gifts, we seek to infuse that into our unique handmade herbal liqueurs and other natural products.

Tanja, our driving force

Naša zgodba

I’m in love with nature and everything related to it. I’m creating unique herbal liquors, making delicious homemade jams and the best natural soaps. If you don’t find me at our camp, go to the nearest meadow or forest – there I’m gathering herbs, roots and berries. Nature is my home, it is a place, where I feel the best and find my inner peace. I’ve found my mission in herbs and many many years ago created my first herbal liqueur. That was truly a turning point in my life. After that I became unstoppable. I often say that herbs called me and I’m glad that I responded and found my true mission in life.

Our vision and values

Naša zgodba na Jezerskem

Everything that we do, we do with purpose and deep respect for nature and unspoiled environment of Jezersko. We appreciate genuine relationships and honesty. We are doing our best that every guest feels like home and feel that he is safe and accepted. In this busy and fast-paced world, time became our highest value. That’s why we’ll always stop and chat with every single guest. How our guests feel, really matters to us. We’re here for them. Our place is small, but we consider that as our greatest advantage. The idea of mass tourism doesn’t resonate with us. We’re aiming for a genuine relationship with every single guest. We want to create an experience that will stay in our guests’ hearts forever. We know that at the end that’s all that counts. We’re also putting all the love and energy into our boutique homemade products (herbal liqueurs, jams, syrups, soaps, etc).