Herbal liqueurs

Even though our herbal liqueurs have many health benefits, it is advisable to drink them in moderation. Minister of Health warns: Excessive drinking of alcohol harms your health!

In today’s fast-paced lifestyle things can easily become so stressful. In those moments treat yourself with our Mintpower, a special anti-stress liqueur that contains unique herb mixture that will calm your mind and soul. Mintpower contains mint and balm mint leaves and flowers of St. John’s wort, Valerian, Camomile, Wormwood, Lavender and Woodruff. We also added some lemon and orange juice and cardamom to make its taste even better.


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Herbal Refreshment is a perfect choice when you are sick or you have a sore throat or other respiratory problems. It contains elderberry flowers that boost the immune system. For more refreshing taste we also added some lemon juice.


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Because of its colour, Mountain Blood looks like real blood. It is a pure treasure of special ingredients, as it contains 54 types of wild berries, roots and herbs and is sweetened with elderberry syrup. Mountain Blood is especially good for men as it contains herbs that have a positive effect on the male potency. We also call it »Viagra from Jezersko«.


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Berry Love is one of the sweetest and mildest liqueurs and therefore the perfect choice for those who love sweet temptations. It contains red wine and rum, four types of berries and a unique spice blend.


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You have probably already heard that plantain leaves help with wound healing, right? Plantain is a natural antibiotic. It seemed completely logical to create a liqueur that contains plantain leaves. Alpine Healer is especially recommended for those who would like to ease stomach problems. The liqueur contains leaves of broadleaf plantain (Plantago major) and ribwort plantain (Plantago lanceolata), with the addition of lemon zest and cardamom.


3€ | 6€ | 8€ | 23€

Slovenian Fairytale is the perfect choice during Christmas Holidays or every time we want to bring some festive spirit into our lives. It contains white wine, rum, baked apples and a lot of spices. The taste of the liqueur will remind you of freshly baked apple strudel.


4€ | 8€ | 10€ | 24€

Herbal Queen is our most precious liqueur. It took us 8 years to create the perfect recipe for this liqueur. It contains 102 different alpine herbs and it takes us a whole year to pick all the herbs and then add them to the liqueur. That’s why our Herbal Queen can with (almost) all health problems.


6€ | 9€ | 14€ | 30€

Wicked Witch was created especially for women as it contains herbs that help to ease various female problems and have a positive impact on the health of the female reproductive system.
The liqueur contains various herbs (Centaury, Mint, Balm Mint, Lady’s mantle, etc.) that we pick in the unspoiled nature of Jezersko. For even better taste we added some vanilla.
* Even though Wicked Witch was created mostly for ladies, all the men out there can also experience its healing power.


4€ | 8€ | 12€ | 25€

Memory Eraser is the perfect choice when we want to press the »Delete button« in our head. It erases all the bad memories from our hard drive and helps us to upload all the things that put a smile on our face. This liqueur contains green walnuts, lemon and orange juice and some vanilla. For even better aroma we added some coffee beans.


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Mountain Doctor is so special because it contains young beech leaves that are a great source of vitamin C. We also added some spruce tips and juniper. Mountain Doctor helps to ease a cold and sore throat and improve respiration.


3€ | 6€ | 10€ | 24€

This liqueur is for all the mountain lovers, but also for those who have some respiratory problems or just a sore throat. Mountain Spirit contains seven different conifer tips and green cones and has very unique resinous smell and taste. It is sweetened with natural flower honey.


4€ | 8€ | 10€ | 22€

Alpine Flower Power
Alpine Flower Power is something special as it contains 35 different alpine herbs. For a little bit sweeter taste we also added some raisins. It is a very refreshing liqueur that also aids digestion.


5€ | 8€ | 12€ | 26€

If you like hot and spicy, but also sweet taste, then you need to try our Spicy Honey. This is a honey liqueur with some acacia flowers and just the right amount of hot peppers. Spicy Honey is the perfect choice during cold and flu season.


4€ | 8€ | 12€ | 26€

Dark Prince is for sure one of the most special liqueurs. It is made of 90% alcohol with the addition of Irish dark beer Guinness. It is sweetened with honey and raisins. For a better taste, we also added some cinnamon, cloves and vanilla. Dark Prince was created for those who like sweeter liqueurs and are always open to try something new.


4€ | 8€ | 12€ | 24€

Magic Potion contains elderberry syrup with the addition of special spice blend and a lot of positive energy. This liqueur contains a lot of vitamin C and will, therefore, help you to feel better if you have a cold or flu.


4€ | 8€ | 10€ | 26€

Martyr is a liqueur for those who »suffer« the most. This wormwood liqueur is the perfect choice for those who like the bitter taste. To make this liqueur we use a special, 400 years old procedure. The liqueur is so special, because it doesn’t cause a headache, but invigorates your body and is good for digestion.


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    Even though our herbal liqueurs have many health benefits, it is advisable to drink them in moderation. Minister of Health warns: Excessive drinking of alcohol harms your health!